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Discussion in 'Games' started by savar, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Hey all-- Got some questions about the 360. My roommate picked up a refurb at BestBuy and got a good discount. It's the premium package without a harddrive, so natually i'm buying a hard drive right away, but still a good deal.

    1) Are they all really noisy? My 360 is louder than either of my laptops (Dell Latitude and Thinkpad T42) and my G4 tower. Not only is the fan pretty loud, but the optical drive makes a LOT of noise. I'm not even a noise fanatic, but for playing a system with 5.1 sound, it's a lot of white noise that degrades the whole experience.

    2) Where to get cheap cables? I'd like to get a cheap toslink to connect the 360 to my receiver. (I'd actually like a 2nd for TV->Receiver.) I don't get why an optical cable can vary in price from $25-$100. If the signal is digital, who cares how efficient the cable is, as long as it is above the minimum threshold? (I'd also like a VGA cable for hooking the computer to the TV...any ideas where to get one without getting robbed?)

    3) Any good 4-player/party games? i have Halo 2, but I'm thinking of a game more like Smash brothers that's easy to pick up and have fun even for people who don't play video games much.

    4) What's the best FPS game currently out? I really like Halo, and don't like Quake, if that tells you something about my tastes. I like games with good music, atmosphere, etc. where strategy is just as important as your trigger finger. I have yet to play a game that had anything better than a weak storyline.
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    1) They're pretty noisy... mine is quiet when playing movies, but noisy otherwise...

    2) Odds are you won't be able to discern a difference between a cheap one and an expensive one.

    3) Not really anything for 4 players... that's what Nintendo is for! :p

    4) I really like Prey. It's half shooter, half puzzle game. I'd strongly recommend a Gamefly subscription or rent games locally to try them out. Also you can download a ton of demos off the XBox Live Marketplace.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    1) They are noisy when theres a disc in there. Playing a demo or stuff from the Hard Drive it's more of a hum.

    I have 5.1 surround and it always drowns out any sound the 360 makes anyway

    2) I found cheap cables to be useless. They caused ghosting and a slight blurring of the image. In the end I had to buy official ones and they are a lot better.

    3) Party Style games... Fusion Frenzy 2 out soon, Rayman Ravid Rabbids is like a collection of wacky mini games, Then there's things like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter which allows 4 player split screen. If you like Halo, you'll love GRAW multiplayer

    (i recently won a GRAW tournament. Yippe free ubisoft goodies coming my way including Splinter Cell : double Agent and a chance to go on and win a trip to Ubisoft Montreal to see the studio making Assasin's Creed :D )

    4) Condemned is totally amazing fresh FPS. GRAW is amazing tactical FPS & COD 2 is a pure FPS classic. Prey is a good SciFi FPS also. Perfect Dark Zero is good in multiplayer.

    Then you can look forward to

    Gears of War | Rainbow 6 : Vegas | Call of Duty 3 | SplinterCell : Double Agent | F.E.A.R | HalfLife 2 special edition (episode 1 & 2, team fortress & portal)

    all within the next 3 months or so...
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    Oct 3, 2006
    2) For cheap cables, check out monoprice.com
    Also, EB Games/Gamestop often have cheap optical cables (~$10)

    3) For 4 player gaming, there is an XBLA (Live Arcade) game that is NOT out yet, but looks very good. It's called Small Arms: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/722/722076p1.html
    It looks similar to Super Smash Brothers.
    Top Spin 2 should make for fun 4 player action, doubles play.

    4) For great single player FPS, CoD2, for decent multiplayer, PD: Zero. GoW looks good too (but it's over the shoulder, not FPS). Prey was a great rental, as was Condenmed.

    Plus, save your money for Bioshock and Mass Effect. Those games will be MUST haves!

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