Quad Boot MacBook Pro 7,1 with Lion, Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 11.04, and Windows 7


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Mar 22, 2010
Ok so I have decided I want to quad boot my MacBook Pro, but have a few questions...

So I know I could just follow the Triple Boot procedure with rEFIt, but what I'm confused about is my situation. I currently have Snow Leopard as my main partition, Lion as a separate one, and Windows 7 through Bootcamp. I now want to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a separate 4th partition. I will have all partitions cloned beforehand as a failsafe method.

Ok so what I want to do with Mac OSX is continue to use my Snow Leopard partition as my main partition, Lion just to play around with until it's stable, then have Ubuntu and Windows 7 on separate partitions. I know EFI is really particular about this setup, based on the order you install the partitions, so in order for me to quad boot, do I need to wipe Bootcamp and Lion so I only have Snow Leopard, then partition the drive into 4 parts, install rEFIt on Snow Leopard, then install Lion, Bootcamp, then Ubuntu? What confuses me is how OSX affects this. Like do I need to install both OSX's then follow the triple boot procedure? Or can I just have my current setup of Snow Leopard, Lion, and Bootcamp, then follow the Ubuntu procedure from the Triple Boot guide?

When I plan to wipe Snow Leopard after I have migrated all my data over to Lion, how will this affect rEFIt? Since Snow Leopard is the startup disk, will it assume Lion is the new startup disk if I configure it to be through System Preferences? Or will I have to start my Triple boot over and reinstall Bootcamp and Ubuntu for rEFIt to work?

Basically, I'm trying to go from my current Triple Boot of OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, and Bootcamp, to a Quad Boot with Ubuntu added into the picture and rEFIt installed, then go back to a Triple Boot format after wiping Snow Leopard.

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I really want to install Ubuntu natively.
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