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    Sep 22, 2004
    Just got a G5 running OS X Panther. Quark 4.11 runs pretty well in it. The biggest problem I have is printing to a Harlequin RIP on a G3. The files make it to the RIP, but with no name. So in the queue they only show up as numbers and the plate (C, M,Y,K) We will be upgrading to Quark 6 soon, but I need a workaround until then so I can figure out exactly which files I'm ripping without having to preview them all.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    For more detailed answers to Quark 4/Rip problems (too many, alas) try here:


    From recent bitter experience, wait till Quark 6.2 or 6.5 or whatever before upgrading (due any day soon... ha-ha – 'before the end of the summer' was the word from Quark...).

    The current release (6.1) is very shoddy with buggy, incompetent PDF support amongst other nightmares...

    IMPORTANT: Also, Quark 6.1 doesn't send font postscript data to shared printers eg. RIPs (networked ones are OK 'cos the fonts are on the host Mac).

    So every font must be on the RIP's host computer to avoid bitmapped fonts or the dreaded Courier. Fontbook has been adequate for this task but is not very flexible...

    At my work, we're OK 'cos we have a set of corporate fonts and about 30 other families that 99% of our work is done with, but when we spec external work we now insist on press-ready PDFs with embedded fonts (whether pass4press or PDF X1a etc.)

    Printing the same fonts to the same RIP from Illustrator CS or Indesign CS works fine -- surprise, surprise.

    What's more, because Quark 6 won't save back down to ver 4 (only 5) you will have to tread carefully when doing your upgrade if you need to supply Quark 4 files to anyone. I have to supply some Quark 4 templates to an external designer today so have had to dust off Quark 5, install & run it in Classic -- something I was hoping to get away from.

    Sorry I can't answer your exact question but try the Quark forums -- they're more specialised and you will find loads of people with the exact same probs and more importantly, the right answers.

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