Question about an iPhone Restore (as-new, not from a backup)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Netherscourge, Mar 27, 2012.

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    I wanted to do a Restore of my 4S as-new, not from a backup.

    This won't erase my Phone # or mess up my phone plans or anything right?

    I can just do a as-new restore, and then re-link my iPhone to iTunes account and everything will stay the same, right?

    I have a ton of junk on my phone and I think it would be easier to just do a clean restore and then manually put back on the stuff I want.

    ALSO - is there a way to backup JUST my contact list? I don't care about any other phone settings, just my contact list.

    If not, no biggie - I can just re-input it all myself.

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    When you do a restore as new option, you will lose all your data, it does not mess up with your number or your plan at all.

    With your contacts, you can store them on icloud, go to settings > icloud, make sure your Contacts is ON. Also go to on your computer (if it's mac it should be fine), if you have a PC, you may need to install the icloud panel (which you can go to apple site and download). Make sure it is there before you restore as new. Once you restore as new, go to Settings > iCloud and turn on Contacts and your contacts should be back into your phone. I have done this without issue and it works.

    If you don't use iCloud, then your other option is Microsoft Outlook, you will have to put your contact in there manually first and then when you restore as new you can choose to sync your contacts from your Microsoft Outlook.

    The other option is just type the numbers on Word and do them manually.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the info!

    EDIT - I see my iCloud account is already up and my Contacts List is on there too.

    Looks like I'm ready to Restore as-new!

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    If you did not want to use iCloud, there's an option in iTunes - when you have your iPhone plugged in - to sync the contacts to your computer's contact folder. I'm not sure if this varies with OS X: my experience is only with Windows.

    After restoring, you can chose to resync that list to your iPhone.

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