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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BJD21, Jun 11, 2012.

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    So I've been with AT&T for quite some time now, but the past several months have been a bit frustrating. I moved to a new apartment back in August 2011 and noticed that the service here sucks. I checked on AT&T's coverage map and it says my location has the "best" coverage. I have put up with missed calls, dropped calls, etc. for awhile now, but today has been frustrating as I am dropping every call and getting texts asking why I am not picking up my phone when there is no "missed call." I got an iPhone 4s in November and the issue was the same. Could this get me out of my contract with AT&T? I live with my girlfriend who has Verizon and no issues at all. I start working in a couple months and definitely need to use my phone a lot for work especially if I work from home. Thanks for the help!
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    Is your issue only occurring in your apartment or outside as well?
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    Mostly inside the apartment, and occasionally outside as well. I have a friend that lives in the same complex, but different building and he experiences the same issue. I would definitely buy that 3G Microcell but I'm not gonna pay for that. It seems like there are days where I'll get 3 bars and I get calls and can do mostly everything, but today I only had 1 bar all day and couldn't do anything. It can be very frustrating.
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    If you read through the contract, it's not a reason they HAVE to let you out of the contract (without an early-termination fee) for.

    You can call them up and ask, but be prepared to have an answer for "If you moved in August and knew the signal was bad, why did you sign a new contract three months later, and even then, why didn't you return the phone/cancel your contract during the 30-day trial period you got when you signed"?

    Or like djharris mentioned, you can see if they'll give you a repeater.
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    I had to pay for the Microcell, although in our case, Verizon is probably worse, and at best similar to AT&T. I hate that thing. It's just flaky. If I were to do it again, I would have gotten a Wilson Electronics repeater system, although that probably wouldn't work in an apartment environment. If Verizon works better, you could wait until the LTE VeriPhone comes out, or switch to a 4G LTE Android device. You may have to pay an ETF with AT&T, but selling the 4S would make up a good chunk of that.

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