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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by plinkoman, Oct 8, 2004.

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    as of right now, i am using a pc with itunes on it, and, well, i stored all my music on a 160GB sata raid drive i set up, but windows f*ed up, and now its all gone, i still have all of my music on my ipod fortunately, but how do i add new songs to it without it deleting the exsiting songs? in my experience, hooking an ipod up to a different pc(which being that i reinstalled windows, it will think this is), in order to put new stuff on it, the exsisting library gets erased. as of right now, i dont care about getting the music back on the pc, ill put in all on my powerbook that i'll be getting as soon as the next revision comes along, all im concerned with is putting the new music i've gotten since this happend onto the ipod, and right now the ipod is my only copy of all my other music.
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    Make sure you set iTunes to "Manual" before you plug the ipod in, this means iTunes does nothing with the music in the pod and you can drag files to it in Itunes to add.

    There are apps to download all you tunes back to iTunes, but I think you know that anyway. Check out "iPod" in and you'll find plenty.
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    If you are afraid that itunes will format your ipod, just force quit itunes when you connect the ipod.

    Use Terminal to copy back you files to your HD:
    The mp3s can be found here:
    /Volumes/"your ipod name"/iPod Control/Music/

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