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Jul 3, 2017
This week I will be buying an 2018 11" 64gb iPad pro, I saw how pratical and usefull notability can be for taking notes on university, and alongside procreate/Autocad i trought this was going to be one of the most used apps on my iPad... until I remembered a peculiar and important detail about myself.... I can only write upside down, this is serious, I'm a lefty and left handed people sometimes write with the paper rotated almost 90° as it is easier to write this way, in my case since childhood I can only write legilby if the page is completely upside down and thus the text I write, so when taking notes I rotate the notebook 180° and start writing from the right bottom corner to the left upper corner, when I finish I rotate to the correct orientation and now anyone can read it normally. (don't know if this was a good example to visualize how i write things down, but basically is that)

So my question is, can I lock the ipad screen in landscape, so when I rotate it to be upside down it won't automatically turn to the "correct orientation"? And I know notability has a zoom function to write, that shows on bottom of the screen. As I write in this weird way, when I turn it upsidedown it will be on the "top" of the screen, can I move it to the top of the screen so when reversed it goes to "Bottom"?

I know those are some strange questions for a bizarre specific accessibility situation, but if i'm able to do those 2 things then I will be able to use it as a note taking device. Otherwise I will be stuck to paper and pencil.


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Oct 31, 2013
The padlock in control center locks the screen in that position till you unlock it. Not sure how Notability works with it though ...

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May 26, 2016
The orientation lock is on top of the UI layer of the whole OS. Every app will work fine with it.
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