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Question about refurbs...


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Aug 17, 2006
OK, I know there's a TON of threads about refurbs and I have read through as many as I could find. Some of you have said your refurbs came with "surprises" such as extra RAM and whatnot. How does this happen? Are they upgrades from the previous user or something?

Also, is there any other reason not to get a refurb MB other than it's not "brand new" and doesn't come in the same packaging? Thanks! Hoping to buy my first Mac sometime soon.


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Aug 15, 2006
yeah. if the previous user got a white mac book and had 1 gig of rma put nto it apple would send it to you like that. i got mine with a gig of ram :) Some people dont like refurbed products, especially laptops because you dont know how much use the backlight has but personally it doesnt bother me. im very happy with my refurbed macbook and the savings are quite large.
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