Question about returning the 6 to get a 6+


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Dec 12, 2007
Hey guys I've decided I want a 6+. I'm planning on returning the 6 to the Apple store before my 14 days are up. I have a few questions though. Thanks for any help!

When I go to return my 6, I'm assuming there won't be any stock of the 6+. Can I just bring my old iPhone 5 in and have them activate that in it's place until I can get a 6+?

I bought the 6 with a 2 year contract on AT&T. If I return it, does this reset automatically so I can order the 6+ at the subsidized price?

I got Apple care on the 6 when I purchased it. Will there be any hassle with them giving me a refund for that as well?

Finally, how much of a hassle will this whole process be? I feel like it will be complicated with them switching out my phone and service. I hope I'm wrong, but I really don't know what to expect haha.

Thanks guys!


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Apr 5, 2011
Fidalgo Island
I'm thinking of doing the same. My local AT&T store said they'd swap them out even after the 15 days return policy because of stock issues. Might just ask lol...

I still remember this video from the iPhone 5 though take a watch lol;)


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Nov 18, 2006
I have both here and due to battery and low light photog testing I've done. Ok and the screen is awesome. Going with the Plus.

And I'm shocked at myself.
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