Question about storing GarageBand Loops & iPhoto Library

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Jovian9, Sep 16, 2004.

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    My wife and I recently ordered a G5 iMac with a 250GB Hard Drive. I'm going to partition this drive so that I can store OSX and apps onto the start up disk and store all media onto a second disk (probably 70-80 for the start up and the rest for media.....and/or maybe a 3rd small partition for backup of the start up disk when cleaning or reinstalling the OS).
    My question is this:
    How do I get the GarageBand loops to install or be recognized from another location other than 'library-application-support-garageband' ? I have the loops and expansion pack (plus stuff I've done myself) so I'd rather not have around 15GB of loops/samples sitting on my start up disk.
    How do I get iPhoto to store the photos onto something other than the start up disk? It's not even close to the size of the loops I have but I'd still rather store them onto the other partition.
    I know how to do this in allows you via preferences. But I do not see this option in either GarageBand or iPhoto
    Thanks for any help!
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    Just a guess because I haven't tried it, but with iPhoto, couldn't you move the library onto your second partition, then make an alias and put it back in your pictures folder on your startup disk? I use this trick to share one iTunes library between two users on the same computer....
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    It can be done. I share my iPhoto library with my wifes account, and its located on my "Documents" partition.

    I used as reference (he also has a similar hack for sharing your iTunes library with multiple users)

    Of course you would need to modify the specific paths to suit your needs. NOTE* requires some terminal skills.

    Hmmm...maybe I could write an app to do this as I learn Cocoa programming. :cool:

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