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iPhone 12 Pro Question about timing early upgrade on Verizon to try both iPhone 12 Pro and mini


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Original poster
Jun 28, 2008
I have an iPhone 11 Pro and am eligible for a return and upgrade. I am torn between an iPhone 12 Pro and mini - strongly prefer 12 mini’s size/weight/price but telephoto/zoom lens on 12 Pro important to me. For now, I’ve pre-ordered the 12 Pro, which is set to arrive on 10/23.

I’m wondering whether there’s a way for me to manage the timing to try both the 12 Pro and given:

- I believe I have 14 days to return my 11 Pro for the upgrade (I assume that is from when I receive the 12 Pro)
- I believe I have 14 days to return the 12 Pro if i don’t like it
- 12 mini is available for pre-order on 11/6 but won’t arrive until 11/13

Is there any way for me to do this and not be without a phone between 11/6 and 11/13?
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