Question for those of you who sold a Mac/iPad on eBay to fund a new purchase


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Apr 2, 2012
I plan to sell my iPad on eBay and put the money towards the purchase of a new Macbook Air. I never sold anything that expensive on eBay before so I have a few concerns. I plan to ship it priority mail with insurance and signature confirmation and pack it really well. Once the buyer pays and I ship the iPad, is it ok to use that money to order the MBA? Basically, is there any reason why I should wait until the buyer receives the iPad before spending the money? What do you guys do if you sell a mac or iPad to fund a new purchase? What's the rule of thumb here? Do you wait a few days until the package was delivered or just buy it? Thanks
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Jan 6, 2005
Ebay and Paypal rules have changed in recent times to drastically favor the buyer in any dispute. In many cases, the buyer need only file a dispute that they are unhappy with the purchase, and Paypal will likely refund their money with no recourse for you. I now sell my iPhones locally on Craigslist for cash, even if I take a little bit less for them.

I'd be interested in hearing other's recent experiences here however.


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Jul 17, 2012
I tried to sell an old iPod once. I had to list it three times as the first two were time-wasters. It seems like the minute you mention the "Apple" word it brings out all the scammers. No way would I do it again. I'd try and sell locally.


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Jul 8, 2011
Been selling on Ebay since 2000. I have never had a problem or claim against me in 12 years and I have mailed to just about everywhere in the world and just about every type of item, including some worth several thousand. I just follow some simple rules I have set for myself and never waiver from them. If you cover all your bases when listing & selling on Ebay you will be alright. As long as you send your package with a tracking number and delivery confirmation it will protect you as the seller against claims of non-receipt. Plus add proper insurance to package in case of loss or damage. Shipping cost is charged to customer anyways. I would also state in auction that there are no returns accepted to protect myself from any switching of parts or computer and then customer complaining they did not get what was described. As for spending the money right away, I would wait for 45 days. Anything can happen during delivery. Package can be lost or damaged. But if proper insurance is put on then you are covered. But claims process takes a while. As well your customer has 45 days to put in a claim with Paypal if there is a problem in your auction description. If you are in a hurry for the money, try to sell locally. But as I stated, Ebay is safe as long as you cover your butt and not in a hurry for your money. Plus remember the selling fees are hefty on Ebay 9% and Paypal 3%. Approximate but non the less expensive. The one thing about Ebay is the amount of traffic it receives which will generally get you item sold if priced appropriately. Good luck with whatever you decide.