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    Here's a fun issue I noticed. Old pictures in messages conversation threads show up as just a file name. It seems like the phone can't find the picture that is referenced. Those pictures are there, because my phone's storage usage is still the same.

    Messages properly shows pictures from conversations started after a certain date (around November 17th), but all photos from before have disappeared.

    Has anyone run into a similar issue? My guess is that some DB file must have gotten corrupted somehow. Do you think a restore from iCloud would fix this issue? Is there some kind of disk utility for iPhones?

    I'm running iOS 8.1.1. The phone isn't jailbroken (and never has been).

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Hm, no takers on this one? I have years of text message photos that are no longer accessible on my phone :(
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    Some Info

    This happened to me yesterday ,on a iPhone 6 Plus 128GB iOS 8.0, and so far I have found no answers but a few links with other people who have also had this issue.

    It seems to be a big problem and from what I can tell, it is happening to iPhones on iOS 8 and up regardless of model.

    It needs to be reported to and addressed by Apple. The loss of years of text message photos and attachments is unacceptable.

    The one thing I can add is that it happened to me after the phones battery went completely dead and shut the phone down. Another person also noted this as a possible start to the problem.

    I have been able to extract some of the attachments and photos in iMessage using iExplorer from the most recent backups from iTunes before this happened.

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