MP 7,1 Question on poor mans HDR monitor - Dual Vega II

ARAS Digital

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Dec 12, 2019
I currently own two BenQ SW320 monitors, they are great as far as I can see an an excelent value... They are 10-bit HDR and have great uniformity...

The one issue I have is this, I came from a BUILT Windows PC, I was running dual 2080ti's and was able to activate HDR on the monitors with no issue. This was over Display Port.

Now with my new 7,1 Mac Pro I use a Thunderbolt3/USB-C to Display Port and I no longer have HDR, the BenQ lists the monitor as HDR Emulated. If I get an HDMI 2.0 cable would I be able to regain Hardware HDR? From what I've read the throughput isnt fast enough to support HDR.

Anything would help.... BenQ just introduced the SW321c Which has USB-C however I do not know if that is capable of handling HDR over USB-C.
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