Question: Upgrade to Iphone5 & switch from verizon??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JenMay07, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Aug 20, 2012
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    Okay, i have a question. It is my first time here so bear with me! i'm currently on verizon (non-smartphone) month to month contract and want to upgrade to the new iphone5 when it comes out soon. i've never had a problem with verizon's coverage or anything, i've had them since i first got a cell phone. i don't have a smartphone so it will be my first one, but i'm not sure if verizon is going to make me switch to their "share everything" plan. i priced it out on their website and if they did, it would be around $100 a month for one iphone with 2G of data. however, i'm debating on switching to another carrier because this is just too much for me to pay monthly. now, i know sprint will be a lot cheaper (and no 4G in my area?), but is their network really horrible? i've been reading mixed reviews about it. i'm not sure about at&t either. i don't know if should stay with verizon or not since i really can't afford it, but i want a the new iphone...any help or recommendations would be appreciated!
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    They will most likely set you up with a Share Everything plan since your current plan does not include Data. If you go with AT&T, you can get a plan with 1 GB of data for $85 I believe.

    IMO, sprint is awful. My work phone is sprint, I had a Galaxy S2 and now I have an iPhone 4S. I ran a couple of speed tests this morning... The first one came out with 0.02 Mbps Down and .45 Mbps Up, the others averaged around 0.5 Mbps Down and 0.5 Mbps Up. It could be the coverage in my area...

    If LTE is available to you from any of the three carriers, you will be happier with that one. If not, AT&T has the best 3G network in terms of average speed.

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