Questions On 12" PowerBook: Heat, Hard Drive???

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    Feb 23, 2004

    I recently posted asking your opinions on the 12" vs 15" powerbooks, and from what you people have told me, I'm pretty set on the 12" powerbook. I figure if the screen is to small then I can always plug it into another monitor, but I don't think it will be as right now I am typing on a 12" screen with 800x600 resolution, and this is not all that bad. I just had a few questions before I take the plunge into a 12" powerbook. I have read that the 12" powerbook can get hot. I was wondering how hot it actually gets. Does it get hot to the point where the computer is unstable? Can you put the computer in your lap? Does anybody know if the newer revisions of the 12" powerbook have better cooling? Also, what are your thoughts on the 4200 RPM hard drives. Do you think they are very slow, or are they decent? I am interested to hear what anyone has to say on this topic, especially people who own the 12" powerbook. Anything else about the 12" powerbook that you think would be interesting or useful would also be appreciated.

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    Jan 16, 2004
    hi, i wouldnt worry about it getting too hot. the palm rests get warm but nothing more, infact its quite pleasant especially if you have got cold hands and that is even if it is plugged into the mains! and i have never found any problems having it on my lap.

    with regards to the hd, i use my PB for internet, email, music, typing, photoshop etc. all the usual stuff but nothing too intensive. i havent noticed that it is too slow, well infact i havent noticed that it is slow at all! yet maybe if i put it side by side with another pb with the faster hd i would notice the difference. the only prob i have found with the 40gb hd is that i wish it was larger! having been on a 10gb pc for the past few years i thought 40gb would be more than ample! so i might have to invest in an external hd in the future!

    well hope it helps, i couldnt fault my 12" PB in any way really and i dont find the size of the screen too limiting and is fine for watching films on etc. i dont think you will regret buying one at all!
  3. Macnasien macrumors newbie


    Sep 17, 2003
    Irvine, California
    Don't be affraid of nothing ;-)

    i own an 12" PB Rev. B and I often use it in my bed :-D.It wouldn't get hot only warm and it's great if you have cold hands ;-).
    The HD in my oppinon is fast enough,if you want an faster and bigger one,you should buy an external Firewire one. At home you'll have your powerplug,on the way the faster HD will take much more power and that's reduces your battery life and i didn't need the extra speed on the way,only more battery life :-D.
    Hope it'll help you a bit.

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