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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BoxerGT2.5, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Never had to do it, but I'll be traveling in a few weeks and will need to or pay ridiculous hotel wifi charges (per device no less). I have unlimited data so I'm under the impression ATT won't let me add it to my existing grandfathered plan. My wife has the 2GB plan for $30. If I up her to the 5GB (she's traveling with me) they'll allow me to tether so I can use her phone as a hotspot for my iPad to facetime with my kids back home?
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    Yup. You can upgrade hers, and you can do it basically just for the few weeks you're traveling and switch back to the 2GB plan.

    I gave up my unlimited for the 5GB plan last year, and I don't entirely regret it, as I don't get throttled and 5GB is enough. I also use tethering enough for it to be useful.

    But, if you ever want to drop down, you certainly can. You can even use it just for a few days and drop back down and you'll be pro-rated. Though if you upgrade, use tethering for an hour and switch all the time, I'd imagine they'd start getting a little upset.

    Facetime through your iPad should work fine, as the iPad will just see the phone as a wi-fi connection.

    Where are you staying that has crazy wi-fi charges? My last several hotel stays have all had free wi-fi for the duration of the visit.
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    Staying in NY. $18.95 per day per device.

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