Quit crying, the specs of the iphone 4S is at the top aside from the screen size!

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    With the iPhone, the OS is what sets it apart, not the specs. How well does the hardware react to the OS? That is the main factor. Is 2.0 Ghz necessary for a phone? Really? Does it even matter if the OS cannot take advantage of those specs or power?

    Android phones suck down power like a toddler on a apple juice binge.

    At first glance, the dual-core A5 chip does appear to be very similar to a Cortex-A9, but rather is probably a highly proprietary design that is also compatible with the ARMv7 instruction set. Qualcomm’s upcoming Krait chip takes the same approach, as does Marvell’s Armada. So saying this phone has this Ghz processor and comparing it to another just based on Ghz is probably not a accurate representation of how either will perform on a given OS.

    When the iPhone 4S debuts it will be one of the fastest phones if not the fastest, regardless of Ghz. The iPad 2 which has the A5, out performs the Galaxy 2 by a wide margin, even though the Galaxy 2 has a .2 Ghz(200Mhz) advantage. Same goes for the upcoming HTC with the 1.5 Ghz processor. The A5 beats that too. Its not all about the Ghz.

    The Gpu in the A5 literally destroys anything out right now. And upcoming into 2012. As you can see how well hardware performs depends on well the OS performs with the hardware. The A5 wins most of the tests.



    Now compare those numbers to the Ipad 2 with the A5.


    Compare with snapdragon dual core 1.5. On par with Apple A5, comparable.


    Stop whining. The specs of the iphone 4S meet or beat the competition. The display while smaller is higher def than anything out right now. The LG will bigger and just as good but will the OS?

    It's all about the OS and ecosystem. How well does your OS play with your toys, your Mac, Apple TV if you have one, Mac Pro. What about all your apps, who has the best apps, most features?

    Siri looks usefull, the camera while still 8MP is probably better than anything else out there, its sensors are superior most likely judging by the iphone 4's sensors.

    Will the specs last for long against the comp, no. Will they give a good user experience yes.

    Enjoy your new iphone and look fowared to the iphone 5 next year.

    The design cycle is like this.

    iphone 3G (redesign)
    iphone 3Gs
    Iphone 4 (redesign)
    Iphone 4s
    iphone 5 (redesign).

    Will you be happier with a bigger screen. can you read the text as well on a retina display? Will the user experience be better overall? How usefull will my phone be?

    This is what you should be asking yourself.

    Am I disappointed yes, is the hype and rumors to blame for most of it, yes.

    Calm down, think it through. It's just a phone.
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    I think people are more disappointed with the fact that Apple could have released this phone in June and did all the Siri and ioS 5 SW enhancements with a subsequent update. Apple shouldn't be taking 1-1/2 years to just make some minor antenna adjustments and stick a new processor in it.
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    Maybe you should calm yourself a little too ;)
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    Nope what. That chart doesn't take into account anything.

    What does that prove?

    The links I provided head to head the Apple A5 destroys the Galaxy S2 Regardless of Ghz. In CPU tests and GPU tests.

    And yes right now spec wise the iphone 4S is right near the top.


    Battery life, are you kidding me. They highlight the battery of the Galaxy just because it's bigger. Lol.

    yeah good chart.
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    Agreed performance wise it is still among the best... It is all about ecosystem. Yes apple could have released in june but why if the iphone 4 is still selling like hotcakes? They are a business and businesses are made to make profits. I guess this made more sense money wise.

    If you like the 4s buy it. If not buy something else no point in complaining...
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    I am calm as I can be thank you. ;)

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