Quite funny "story" about iPhone 5 purchase/

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by WeegieMac, Sep 22, 2012.

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    A classic rant which shows the typical "First World" problems some of us obsess over and which sees us forget how lucky we are to even have things like iPhone's available to us to buy freely and with relative ease. A quite hilarious rant of self important, self entitlement proportions.


    Granted, in the UK when you take out a contract at an O2 store they bring the phone out in it's sealed box with the SIM card attached by a piece of tape in it's own packaging and off you go, but still ... this is just, cringe worthy reading in my opinion.
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    Thank you for this. Just a perfect picture of who that guy is and the teddy bear he sleeps with at night.
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    Did the guy go overboard with his rant? Absolutely. But in all fairness, he paid for his product and he should be able to do with it what he wants. If opening it makes him happy, let him do it.

    Personally I wouldn't have let a rep open mine up, I'd take my unopened box and go home to set it up.
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    Seems a bit extreme, but then I'm thinking about it... I wouldn't take one that got opened by someone else, at least not if they handled it that badly. Pre-ordering and having it shipped is the only way to do it.
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    Yeah, as I said I can see his point because in the UK we just sign the contract, they put the sealed box in a bag, and off you go. It was more the manner of the rant, proper first world problems.

    It takes me back to a work colleague who looked utterly disgusted that I took my three day 4S back to the Apple store because of a really bad yellow screen.

    "How could you take brand new phone back for refurb, I mean how"?

    A refurb goes through far stricter quality checks than a new unit and is identical to a new unit in appearance. What's the big deal? Some people just have a major case of self entitlement with gadgets.

    I mean, some people in the iPhone 5 scuff thread, tilting the phone under light to look for scuffs then debating with themselves and others, almost looking for some kind of justification that they are right to take it back for a new one because of a tiny scuff not visible under natural lighting conditions?



    When the guy behind the counter put the phone down on the desk with the back cover removed, he should have been man enough to say, "Woah, hold on a second right there".

    Not let it all happen and then moan to his blog.

    Personally, I'd have stopped him the second he went to remove the front/back adhesive plastic protectors. By all means, set it up, but don't go sliding the phone around a desk with zero packaging.


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    Some people need the hand holding, some want it.

    At the Apple store there are three levels.

    1. Place it in a bag and best wishes.
    2. Let the the customer open their box and/or offer to assist with the removal of plastic wrap and such.
    3. As time and space allow assist with the opening, activation, and walk through.


    Manhandling or even the perception of careless treatment of a purchase is to be avoided at all costs.
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    When I got my iPhone 4, the Apple employee tried to make it a religious experience. After 8 hours in line, I just wanted him to shut up and give me the damn phone already.
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    they should 'share his excitement'.....he sounds like a chick buying a wedding dress.
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    When I bought my iPad at Best buy, they were selling film protectors as well a few people in line in front of me got them. So the employee opened the box, installed the protector and gave the box back to the person. I wouldn't have thought anything of it.
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    ^^^this lololol

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