Quite ironic (regarding Verizon 5S device only)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AndrewR23, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. AndrewR23 macrumors 68040

    Jun 24, 2010
    That when I try to see if the stores have any Verizon phones, this popped up

    However, Apple wont let you purchase a full priced phone for Verizon!
  2. Velin macrumors 65816


    Jul 23, 2008
    Hearst Castle
    Yes they do. Walk into the Apple Store, tell them you want a no-contract Verizon 5s. We bought a ton of them. The off-contract Verizon 5s will work on any major network, GSM or CDMA, except Sprint.
  3. AndrewR23 thread starter macrumors 68040

    Jun 24, 2010
    Except with the new reservation system my local Apple stores will not sell a 5S without having already reserved it. And reserving it does not give you a device only option.
  4. Mrbobb macrumors 601

    Aug 27, 2012
    That's no irony. It's the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    Probly a case of supply un-availability trumps carefully :rolleyes: pre-plans.

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