Race with your Dream Car! RPM : Racing Pro Manager

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    RPM : Racing Pro Manager



    Race with your Dream Car! Ultimate Speed Racing game R.P.M!
    R.P.M will lead you into the Fantastic World of Speed. Be a Super Awesome Manager to take a victory on the racing. Customize your dream car and lead team of yours to become the top manager among Millions of players! Now, you are the manager in the world of speed, Go building up your career through variety of environments to make a Super Awesome Racing Team and Ally with your friends to take advantageous position in the racing.

    R.P.M give you visually rich speed experience.

    Who dares challenge you?!

    Let’s go to beat him down on the load!

    * Features
    - Massive Multipalyer Online Game (MMORPG)
    - All Free Updates: New Race, Car, Real estate, and Parts
    - Real-Time Multi Online Racing Battle
    - Awesome skills of your Dream car through Upgrades
    - Alliance with crews to take a advantageous position
    - Real Estate System for Upgrading your car
    - Variety Missions to make a Dream Racing Team
    - Chat with your Crew, 1-on-1 and Group Chat
    - Gorgeous graphics and numerous mission system
    - Limitless Updates for Contents in R.P.M
    - Real time in-game news feed, allies chat

    * Please NOTE:
    This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.


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