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    I see a lot of posts debating what a race is. One poster said that there is no such thing as race. Here's google's quick answer, which I was always led to believe is true:

    "Most anthropologists recognize that there are four major race classifications in the world, which include caucasian, mongoloid or asian, negroid or black and australoid. The race classification was created by Carleston S. Coon in 1962. The four major races can then be further subdivided into 30 subgroups."

    Seems reasonable to me.

    Plus, there's a bad joke hidden in that quote too.
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    This is my first time hearing about Australoid - what is it, exactly?
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    Feb 9, 2010
    The Australoid race is a broad racial classification used to refer to people indigenous to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and historically parts of East Asia. The concept originated with a typological method of racial classification.

    Asian is the race from the Northern part of Asia.
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    They left out these 'loids ...

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    When I hear the word race, I think of a marathon or Nascar (and no I don't watch it :) ).
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    What race are the indigenous people of north and South America a part of?
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    Feb 9, 2010
    Some people say Asian since they migrated from Asia. Others say they have more in common with each other than the do with Asians, meaning they are a separate race.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Are Russians and people from India Asian too?
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    Feb 9, 2010
    There is no certain definition of whether Russians are Asian or European. However if you ask a man in the western part of Russia, he is likely to tell you he is European. If you ask a man in the eastern part of Russia, he is likely to tell you he is Asian. And both are likely to tell you that they are neither.

    Long, narrow, high in both root and bridge. Therefore, Indians are part of the caucasoid race. But this doesn't necessarily apply to all Indians. Indians in the north east have mongoloid features while some in the south have australoid features.

    Its confusing....in a few generations, it will be even more so.
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    Jan 31, 2015
    When I was in college not too long ago they were teaching in social science classes that their is no biological basis of race, only a social construction. This is something I do entirely not agree with and something that science has increasingly begun to refute. In fact scientific evidence used to claim that there is no biological basis of race is quite flakey. I think the main reason to perpetuate that idea is to refute certain forms of racism. But real science refutes the pseudoscientific nonsense neo-eugenic racists put forward. I believe that there is both a social and biological basis of race.

    Race is interpreted by people's visual appearance, or phenotype, which is based on their genotype, or genes. While there isn't exactly "black person gene" or an "Asian person gene" clearly ones appearance is linked to genetic and epigenetic factors. In medicine we can make presumptions about disease risk and treatment efficacy based on ones race. So there is definitely something there, but certainly far more complex than simply black, white, yellow, and brown. Obviously as time progresses and more interbreeding takes place, all of this will become more and more convoluted, more than it already is. Race in science is already an imperfect classification, but something that I don't think should be or can be ignored entirely.

    It's stilly to ignore something than can perceived to level. At the same time we must be careful how we use racial classification be used and interpreted... as we know information can be twisted for nefarious purposes.
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    Indian would be the proper term. I had to Google it to make sure I was remembering correctly, but it's a translation of a word meaning indigenous. Indians from the country India would be considered South Asian.

    Far eastern Russia, yes. But the majority of Russians fall under the Caucasus, meaning they're Caucasian (white). The same applies to the Iranians, Azeris, Georgians, etc. As you can see, it's no wonder there's so much depression and suicide among anthropologists. The word is daunting, mind numbing and can drive you batty.

    OTOH, a while back I was watching a documentary where Africa's Africans/Blacks did not view outside Blacks as of their own race, despite having somewhat similar appearances.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    So your telling me Mr. Coon developed the race classifications?
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    Jan 8, 2015
    For those of you asking about who is related to what race, it is my understanding that the race category is based on the skull features. Native Americans would fit into Asian, I believe, or maybe mongoloid. A lot of people in south America would actually fit into caucasian, believe it, or not.
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    Where's the source for this quote?

    Scientifically its been accepted for quite some time that race is a social construct


    Also an interesting read:
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    Feb 9, 2010
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    \Sorry, I should have put the source at the time. I found it with google.
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    I hadn't heard of that one either. I would have called them Polynesian, which looks to be a subset.
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    Thought this was interesting:

    . The White Race Is A Recent Invention
    Somewhere on social media, someone is currently asking, "Why isn't there a White History Month?" or "Why does every White Pride parade spawn bitter protests?" To understand the problem, we have to explain why the concept of a "white" race is kind of weird to begin with.

    First of all, the idea is very recent. The ancient Greeks, for example, noted that there were various lighter-skinned peoples to their north, whom they considered inferior and barbaric. This view, of course, did a horrific 180 as the world changed, but divisions based on culture and geographic location always trumped skin tone (although it did admittedly come in handy for determining who was and was not a filthy Nordic invader).

    How else will you figure out who needs to be stabbed? By talking to them??

    Then, near the end of the 18th century, German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach decided to make racism easier and more accessible for everyone. So he gathered up a ******** of skulls from all over the planet, lined them up, and classified them into five races: Caucasian (or white), Mongolian (or yellow), Malayan (or brown), Ethiopian (or black), and American (or red). Blumenbach was adamant that his work was not meant to signify that one race was inherently better than any other, and he was quick to condemn the earlier work of his contemporaries who had determined that Africans were an inferior race. Then he went ahead and noted that whites were obviously the prettiest.

    Great American thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson took Blumenbach's work and further narrowed it, proclaiming that Anglo-Saxon was the white race to be. This notion of superior and inferior sub-races is clear up through the 19th century. Sure, the Irish were treated better than people of African ancestry, but political cartoons of the time still depicted them as pipe-smoking ogres who couldn't discern pots from hats. They obviously weren't "white."

    [​IMG]Thomas Nast Cartoons
    [​IMG]Frederick Burr Opper via Library of Congress
    "Our Anglo-Saxon neighbors never wear pots on their heads, Connor."

    This ideal morphed again in the late 1910s, when the "Saxon" was dropped because it was no longer cool to be associated with Germany for some reason we can't quite put our finger on. Finally, in the 1940s, anthropologists declared that there were only three races: White, Black, and Asian ... or, since that's not nearly offensive enough to have been conceived in the '40s, "one Negroid race, one Mongoloid race, one Caucasoid race." Suddenly, all of the bitter hatred of the Irish, Italians, etc was set aside long enough to establish one race of somewhat similar-looking people who could be smugly set apart from the others.

    In other words, "White" became a label that truly meant "not one of those filthy minorities." So yes, the enthusiastic embrace of the label is something of a sore spot for many people."
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    Labels are great. Whenever I see someone identify as a person of color I think good for you for building your whole identity around not being white.
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    Someone send me a PM when it's ok to be wife again.
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    It is. Same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. :p
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    White. PM me when it's safe to be white again.
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    I'll be dead by then. Its only going to get worse before it gets better. This plan will take a few generations :)30 in and NSFW)

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    I call dibs on Vivika A Fox circa 1996.
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    I have always loved this question. A big chunk of my family come from Russia/Poland/etc, and many of them call themselves European (or rather Eastern European). But an ex girlfriend whose parents came from northern China/Russia/Tibet area said all her family over think of themselves as Asian.

    Personally I don't know much about the "four races" thing, but I think of Russia and its neighbours as being independent of European or Asian.

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