Radeongate users that have had their MBP's sent in to repair

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chriscrk, Mar 25, 2015.

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    I have a 2011 MBP that was affected by Radeongate. Sent it in to repair with the quality programme and just got it back yesterday.

    I want to know what experiences people have had with their fixed MBP's since the free-fix programme was released.

    People who sent it in to fix before the quality programme was released, claimed their MBP's would fail within weeks because the logic board replacement was produced during the same time as all the faulty ones.

    However, I've read that the logic boards replacements being used now (since the quality programme started), are brand new one's that have fixed the GPU issues.

    So just curious to see how everyone else is holding up, to see if I should expect my MBP to fail, or if it's likely that it will work fine from now on.
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    Many reports from people getting their systems back are being posted to this thread. They include stories where the machines are returned with the same or similar graphical distortion issues to what they were sent in with.

    I've never known Apple to actually design and manufacture new parts for use in their repair programs. Doesn't mean they haven't decided to start now, and I am aware that some service providers are telling people that's what Apple's doing...

    ... but all things considered, more likely than not, your repaired Macbook still has the same faulty design and could go at any time.
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're just re-using other refurbished motherboards - to the best of my knowledge AMD no longer manufacture the faulty chips.

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