Radio Shack They have phones!!


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Sep 24, 2012
Ok first off I just want to say I have been a long time reader, but just registered today to post my Iphone 5 ordeal.

I preordered at Radio Shack and Best buy both on my lunch on the 14th. I was told by both places that I shouldn't have a problem getting a phone on the launch day since they both hadn't received many preorders. Friday comes and neither place has "received my Phone" Radio shack said they are filling there preorders as they come in and best buy never received any ATT phones. Ok here we are monday and I'm on a mission to get a phone so I go to the radio shack since it opened first and is closest to my house. Still the same story, blah blah blah we don't have any phones right now. I say ok well I'm gonna go to ATT, Walmart, best buy wherever I have to go to find one any size any color. I want to buy these amazon gift cards with my $50 preorder gift card. So the salesman says hold on a second goes in the back an comes out with a phone!!! he says are you gonna buy any accessories or applecare. I was like you have one? how come I wasn't called your just sitting on them, I wanted to tell this guy off but I thought just be cool get this one and then tell them.

Long Story Short!! These places have phones, threaten to take your business elsewhere!! Don't do preorders, get in line early at the apple store.

Never Preordering Again!!


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Jun 5, 2009
I guess his plan was to sell to a non pre order customer and since you had a gift card you would come back in regardless. I was about to pre order there but said the gift card was non refundable


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Jun 16, 2009
I actually just got a white Verizon for my girl radio shack this morning. Called about 10 radio shacks and 4 stores had them. Only a couple each store. Guy in the store actually said nobody who per-ordered phone came in yet lol. Like how y'all selling iPhones when people waiting for there's. if u have Verizon then radio shack is your best bet! Normandy people gonna go to radio shack before they go to apple, your carrier store or best buy.


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Sep 19, 2012
Thats bulls**t. I live in Southern California. My birthday is on Wedneday. I pre ordered my phone on 9/17 expecting to have my phone by at least today. I have been waiting on my AT&T iphone and have not received any conrete information about when I will be able to purchase it. Ugh I hate Radio Shack. I will never buy anything from them again!