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Discussion in 'Community' started by krossfyter, May 14, 2003.

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    Jan 13, 2002
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    wow its been a while since i posted here.

    okay this is a rather desperate attempt to figure out something i have been struggling with for some time. its really nothing at all. not important. since im a huge lover of the arts and the arts in music and i am a big fan of radiohead and bands that are in that genera of experimentation/ audio scenery/ ambient /art project bands etc. i am trying to figure out what the hell hit my ears the other night in the form of music from a band that im not familiar with. i was at a local concert (evanescence) and in between band sets they play music. there was a song on that really caught my attention. it was a very environmental song very radioheadish if you will and the lyrics went like this .....

    "I gave them two thousand years"

    or something like that... 'I' could be exchanged for 'We' but that pretty much was all the lyrics for that song. it went on and on and on like that... but the music for it was soothing and very cool.. very therapeutic.

    does anyone have any clue who sings something like this???? i know there is a number of radiohead fans in here so maybe you all might know. perhaps im off with the musical comparison but it did sound kinda radioheadish to me. even close to siqur ros or dredg. perhaps it was an emo band (who knows)

    thanks for any help. again... no big deal... just you know something thats been bothering me from a not so important level.


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