RAM (1GBs or 2GB Sticks?) & Hard Drive (Transferring OS onto new Drive)

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by jonnyback, Apr 17, 2008.

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    I am looking at giving my new Mac Pro an upgrade (an early 2008, a bog-standard 2.8 Ghz (nice bog though!)).


    I have read on OWC and Barefeats.com that it is better to fill all 8 slots and with max of £200 to spend (I was thinking that OWC was the best place to buy?), should I buy 4x2gb or 6x1gb (both more or less the same price)?

    I would keep my 2x1gb my Apple RAM in so if I would have 2 spaces left and according to the Barefeats and OWC tests, the beast would be a gig a second (noticeable?) slower with the 4x2gb even though it was 10gb total RAM. True or false? I've noticed a lot of people on here go for the 2gb sticks.

    Hard Drive

    My final upgrade dilemma is, when I put in another hard drive in my 2nd slot (I'd keep the 320gb standard one in the 1st) can I transfer my OS onto my new hard drive? (With the view to eventually replace the original hard drive when all 4 slots are hard drived up)

    If so, how do I do it? Easy peasey or not?

    Thank you for any feed back,

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    I would go with 4x2gb it's always better to have more.
    To transfer your HD, it's very easy.
    If you want to copy your complete HD use disk utility and the restore function.
    If you want to use a fresh install you can use migration assistant to copy over your folders, settings and most applications.

    Hope this helps.
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