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Howdy all.

I just got a memory app that tells me what is using how much memory and whats left, I was shocked that if I opened Reason and Explorer and some other little apps that I am close to the 512 limit of ram being all used up!

So I know another 512 without a doubt.

And while I am at it, I would like to get my father in law a little present of 256 megs that will make him a happy man. <snicker> and maybe he will let me marry his beautiful daughter,,,,

SO I have a lot at stack here... all resting on RAM..

So whats the problem you may ask.

Well, COST!

I want both for 200 buck max!

Now I remember that AlphaTech <let his name ring in the halls of APPLEDOM>
said that mohawk memory was good, and I think that GEEK boutique sell that type.

Now they have 512 for 149 and 125$

The more expensive is called BALL Grid, what is that?
The other is stacked, I know that there is an issue with 1 gig sets, does stacked mean that it is ok to use in the second slot? DO I need the Ball Grid???

Then my possible father in law has a Ti 400 with 128.
He will love me for this, but i must strike while the karma is good.

SO does he need a stacked type also, they have 256 for 45$!

BUT then when you look at Crucial its 512 for 235$
Why is it SO much more....??

Help! must hurry and buy before I am thrown out of the family!

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
I checked the prices on www.18004memory.com and you can get both chips for under $200, especially if you order on the web.

Their 256MB RAM for the Powerbook G4 400 is marked at $38.50.
Their 512MB RAM for the PBG4800 is marked at $129.00.
Adding the two up, you get $167.50.

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Honestly, I have no idea what a ball gear is, and I can't find it on the mohawk website. (I used Search.) Can't help you there.


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Jun 25, 2002
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Just go to:


Old World Computing. Great Company, good prices, cheap shipping. Some people swear by them. Don't worry about fancy different types of memory. If you add faster RAM to a system that already has memory supplied by Apple, the faster RAM will still run at the slower RAM speed.

Such as buying CAS 2, and adding it to a system that already uses CAS 3. The tiny speed you get isn't worth the added cost unless you need the speed and are willing to replace all of you memory.

But I'm probably confusing you.

Just buy a 512 MB PC133 SO-Dimm for the PB G4 for the future father in law. Only about a $130-150 and well worth it. 256 MB for $50. Less if it's the 400 Mhz model and you go with PC100 So-Dimm.

Good luck.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
You don't want a pair of stacked chips... IF you attempt to put one in the top slot, the keyboard won't rest flat. The more expensive chip is made thinner, so that it fits in the upper slot correctly.

I didn't see a mention of what system you are looking to put the memory into. IF you are talking a TiBook, then get the PC133 chips. If you have a rev. a or 550 rev. b, then put a normal PC100 in the lower, and get the PC133 into the upper. I did that in my rev. a 500MHz TiBook, putting it up to a GB of RAM. It worked like a charm. I actually have the upper chip in my rev. c TiBook right now, and it works wonderfully.

I just checked Mohawk/Geek... For $125 each, you will get memory that you know will work. IF you have any question about the memory working in the correct slots, call them to place the order. I usually talk with the salesman named Travis.

Geek Boutique and Mohawk are the same place.

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
As it's been said you're probably going to be stuck with the more expensive PC133 SO-DIMM for the Book. Then you won't have the size/speed problems to worry about.


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I got the Ti 800 my future father in law has the 400

Most of the ram says STACKED, so now i understand that, that is the type that I DONT want to use because of the keyboard problems!

Is there a term used for the proper thinness of the ram?

Thanks for all the help guys!

I see the words LOW PROFILE and i think thats the puppy!


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Sep 4, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Ram Sources

Try www.ramjet.com/ they note whether the chip is compatible with the top or bottom slot. I assume what you are going to do is remove a 256M chip and replace it thus freeing 256M up for FFIL [I am a FIL so treat him well :)].

256mb $79
512mb $199
1Gig $389


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Sep 4, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Stacked vs Unstacked according to Ramjet

The (amazingly cool) PowerBook G4 Titanium has two memory slots and can be upgraded with RAMJET DIMMs to a maximum of 1024mb (1GB). The original 128mb or 256mb that comes with this PowerBook is installed as a single SO-DIMM in slot 1.

If you are installing more than 512mb into your PowerBook G4, it is recommended (but not required) that you install the latest firmware update. To find the update, please refer to the "Get Software Downloads" section of the Apple PowerBook G4 Support Site.

Stacked v. non-stacked chips:
A module built from stacked chips takes two RAM wafers and stacks them on top of each other. This makes it possible to build a large module (like a 512mb SO-DIMM) using cheap low density parts. Stacked chip modules are bad because they suffer from heat build-up problems. Ramjet only uses non-stacked chips.

CAS Latency:
Apple specifically calls for CL3 RAM for the 550-800Mhz PBG4Ti.