RAM for G5... CL 2.5 or CL 3. Any advantage to either?

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    Sep 4, 2002
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    I though that CL2.5 would be better than CL3 in my G5 and found 1GB of Samsung CL2.5 at a local shop. Im now having a hard time getting the same stuff. (Barefeats got some real uncertain results when they tried to test different RAM speeds. I dont want to base my choice on their tests.)

    What do you guys think?

    Should I try to find CL2.5 to match what I have, get rid of it and go to all CL3, or just mismatch CL2.5 and CL3?

    If you have any technical insight about this it would be great!
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    CL is Command Latency. A CL rating is the number of clock cycles the RAM takes to return information requested by the computer. I don't know what mismatched CL RAM would do if anything.

    Basically though, the lower the CL, the better!
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    Memory is switched, the Memory Controller is only looking at a pair of DIMMs at a time.

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