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May 2, 2002
Ok, this is a strange one. I have DP 450 G4, and I recently bought 2 GB of RAM from Fry's for like $160 (the whole reason I got it was becuase it was such a great deal) Anyhow, I pop it all into machine, and what happens? My computer will not start up. So I pop in an old memory module and it's rolling. I try to find out what the deal is, and in Apple System Profile it says that my other memory slots are 'empty' even though they are full of RAM modules! These are PC133 SDRAM , 512 MB sticks, THEY SHOULD WORK!! I thought that perhaps a few of them were bad, but how can ALL of them be bunk?! Do you suppose this is why they were so cheap, and if so do you think I'll be able to return them?

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Most likely you got bad memory. I had the same situation from the nimrods at MacWarehouse, twice in a row, trying to get PC66 for my iBook. :rolleyes:

Here you can find memory from a different vendor, 18004memory.com

Their prices are extremely competitive as well. If you still have the receit/warranty you should be able to return the sh** for some more quality and cheap memory, as listed above.

I'm not too sure how memory becomes "bad", but it can ruin your day.


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Dec 14, 2001
Tiger Bay
is the ram within apples spec? since the firmware updates [4.1.7 - 4.1.8] a lot of ram is outside the new specs and doesn't work. get DIMM First Aid from version tracker. it will check and re spec ram to fit apples new specs.
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