RAM upgrade for my beige G3

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by barkmonster, Jun 10, 2002.

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    Dec 3, 2001
    If a buy a stick of PC100 SDRAM will it work okay with my beige G3 ?

    Here's some notes from a knowledgebase article:

    The Power Macintosh Desktop G3 supports SDRAM DIMMs as defined by the mechanical JEDEC MO-161 specification, and the electrical specification as defined by the JEDEC Standard.

    Electrically, the Power Macintosh Desktop can support 384MB of memory, using three low profile 128 MB DIMMs. Without low profile 128 MB DIMMs, the computer is limited to three 64 MB DIMMs for a total of 192 MB.

    ...and the info from the technical manual that came with my beige G3:

    The main logic board has three expansion slots that accept DIMMs that meet these specifications:
    * 8,16,32,64,or 128 MB
    * 3.3 volts (V),unbuffered,64-bit wide,168-pin
    * 100 MHz/10 nanosecond (ns)cycle time or faster using SDRAM

    I added some PC100 SDRAM a year or so ago, PC66 SDRAM was too expensive at the time and now it's proving hard to find. I do get occassional Type 10 errors and bus errors with this RAM in my mac , mainly with internet explorer (they were supposed to have fixed those memory leaks in IE 5.1). It's been worse since I added the Audiomedia III card that came with Protools LE but I still only have occassional issues with internet explorer and badly behaved shareware. I'm thinking it IS a hardware issue but only software prone to memory leaks ever crashes, sometimes weeks inbetween it happening.

    I don't want to spend £41 on 128Mb of PC66 at crucial when I can get 128Mb of generic PC100 RAM anywhere else for about £20, I was thinking seeing as I'm on a tight budget and want to get as much as I can for as little as possible, it seems pointless adding 64Mb when it's only £10 more for 128Mb of PC66 or £10 less for 128Mb of PC100.

    I did notice that even though the 128Mb DIMM I added to my mac was the same thickness as the 64Mb DIMM it came with, it was taller by a few milimetres aswell, it's not touching the case or anything but it did look a little bit odd next to the smaller 64Mb DIMM.
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    One. The beige G3 (desktop) has a space limitation as to how tall the memory can be inside of it. The original (233MHz) can only use up to 128MB sticks inside of it (256MB sticks are not often addressed at full amount).

    Two. Be careful about generic memory, if it is ECC, chances are very high that it will not work inside your Mac.

    Three. Error type 10 is a system error (line 1111 trap error) which could be more then just the memory.

    Four. You don't need to get PC66, but you can use PC100 (low profile/height) memory easily inside the computer.

    Since you didn't mention which speed G3 you have, or if it is a desktop or tower model, I had to go with general information. If you have a 266MHz or faster, then you can install 256MB chips and get them to work. I have done it on a 266MHz system without issue. Then again, I also got memory that is low profile, and spec'd to work on that system (it is PC100).
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    Dec 3, 2001
    It's a 300Mhz DT with a rageII+ and Rev A Motherboard

    If I wasn't for the official printed panel on the back with the model number and cpu speed, I'd swear I'd been sold an old overclocked 266Mhz G3 concidering I bought it within weeks of the blue & while G3s came out (put off by the keyboard and yo-yo mouse).

    Thanks for the tip :)

    I was thinking unless it states that the RAM is ECC registered, any stick of PC100 will do.

    I had the odd type 10 error even before I got the extra RAM, I was only running OS 8.6 at the time, I'm on OS 9.1 now so maybe it's an extension conflict somewhere. When I group by package in extensions manager I have some extensions from OS 8.6, 9.0 there aswell. There's no duplicates and from what I can tell, I don't really need them there so I disable most of them to save a little bit of memory.

    Here's the specs of the PC100 Ram I was looking at getting for it:

    SDRAM, PC100 ¥ CL=2 ¥ Unbuffered ¥ Non-parity ¥ 8ns ¥ 3.3V ¥ 16Meg x 64

    It says the dimensions for this DIMM are 5.375Ó x 1.375Ó but I couldn't find any PC100 DIMMS that are specifically low profile in the specs.

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