Rambo wants to limit Wi-Fi

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Dec 16, 2002.

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    Limits Sought on Wireless Internet Access


    SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 16 — The Defense Department, arguing that an increasingly popular form of wireless Internet access could interfere with military radar, is seeking new limits on the technology, which is seen as a rare bright spot for the communications industry.

    Industry executives, including representatives from Microsoft and Intel, met last week with Defense Department officials to try to stave off that effort, which includes a government proposal now before the global overseer of radio frequencies.
    The military officials say the technical restrictions they are seeking are necessary for national security. Industry executives, however, say they would threaten expansion of technology like the so-called WiFi systems being used for wireless Internet in American airports, coffee shops, homes and offices.

    WiFi use is increasingly heavy in major American metropolitan areas, and similar systems are becoming popular in Europe and Asia. As the technology is installed in millions of portable computers and in antennas in many areas, industry executives acknowledge that high-speed wireless Internet access will soon crowd the radio frequencies used by the military. But industry executives say new types of frequency spectrum sharing techniques could keep civilian users from interfering with radar systems.

    The debate, which involves low-power radio emissions that the Defense Department says may jam as many as 10 types of radar systems in use by United States military forces, presents a thorny policy issue for the Bush administration.


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    The military is really taking over our lives. The USA is headed for disaster if this crap continues. Terrorism has been way over blown. Lets get real. You have a 10X greater chance of getting killed by a drunk driver, then Osama's buddies.

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    Hey, check out the picture on the right hand side of the page. Daniel A. Biederman has a nice little iBook! Here in Manhattan we have 2 parks that have complete Wi-Fi coverage: Bryant Park (featured in the abovementioned picture), and Tompkins Square Park (which happens to be 1/2 block from where I live).

    Wi-Fi is so short range, how could it interfere with military radar? Jeez, if it's that easy to jam with a consumer electronic product, maybe we should be investing some of our $300 Billion annual defense budget on getting better technology!
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    Wireless Internet....Military:confused:
    Wireless Internet....Military:confused:
    Wireless Internet....Militiary...

    Ahhh ... who needs a Military anyway. ;)
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    Is not if you get kill by Osama or not. If Osama kill one guy is terrorism, if in a robery 3 people get killed that goes to the statistics and the local paper.

    I remember well something that Jay Leno said 4 years ago when I was living in the US::

    Primary objective of the US Govermnent: Entertaiment.
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    my understanding is that the USA is late in getting this... my town set up a city-wide wireless network for broadband connections, probably 2-3 years ago, and back THEN it was already being hugely spread across europe...

    i think they're just looking for something to complain about. the wireless spectrum used is so specific, you'd think any instruments the military uses on these frequencies could just be fixed, rather than changing the technological evolution of an entire country...

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    I'd be curious to see what the interference could be. If its just an area that the radar doesn't operate correctly in, then it really shouldn't be a problem. Low flying aircraft in urban areas? You'd probably have to be *very* low to have the radar receive interference. I'd wager that a radar pointed at a wi-fi transmitter sees noise, so they're concerned. Is what they've just proven that you can wire your plane with extra Airport Base stations and effectively cloak your aircraft to radar?

    Any links on the specifics here?

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    I thought Sylverster was making another sequel going by the thread.

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