Rap video leads to charges against 20

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    Criminal Mexi Midget
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    conflicts with...

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    Not really:
    • Also in the video were about a dozen loaded guns, some of them stolen, according to police. The guns were being used as props and the extras holding the weapons were all documented street gang members and rappers, according to police. When police arrived at the park, most of the people ran, leaving the weapons behind, according to police.
    • Some of them had open warrants and were arrested on the spot, police said.
    • Drugs were also found, police said.
    In Heller, Scalia masterfully explains why felons and such can't have guns (obviously, you can't possess a stolen good).
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    Cops couldn't have setup a better sting operation if they had tried.
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    All depends
    Brandishing a firearm is still illegal. I am sure they had all the proper filming permits and had the permit to close part of the park to do there filming so it wouldn't be brandishing.

    If some of them are felons and or have warrants out for arrest that would be illegal.

    However with that all said good luck getting any of those charges to stick. They could simply claim they were all deactivated/non-functional props they were using because you know, safety is important.
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    The bigger question remains unanswered.

    What the hell type of "street cred rap names" are "Maxo Kreme" and "NFL Cartell Bo"? Sounds like one has more of a topical problem than anything while the other probably couldn't spell NFL let alone have a shot at it.

    I mean, they'd have better luck staying true to themselves rather than lead a fake life they want everyone to think they have to satisfy their false sense of self-esteem.


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