Rate your factory firmware (is it important to you to get updates?)

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    Rate your factory firmware.

    Devices with microcontrollers or embedded CPUs. (Personal computers excluded)
    e.g. Tablets, Cameras, Smart Phones...

    Official firmware from the manufacture only, no third party or hacks.
    e.g. DD-WRT, Canon CHDK are excluded

    Outstanding, above and beyond the devices original firmware. Supported by free, continuous firmware updates that added new features for at least three years.
    e.g Apple iOS, Synology

    Good, got one update that added new features.
    e.g. Canon Camera 7D got a firmware update that added new features.

    Fair, firmware updates spotty but eventually came out after a newer model replacement.
    e.g. Denon 2112ci, Harmony Remotes, I have no idea what difference the firmware updates make but they appear now and then.

    Obsolescence, device evolved but left previous models in the dust. Firmware is never more than a patch.
    e.g. Canon Camera S90,95,100,110 series, Sony NEX Cameras, most HDTVs

    Forgotten, good hardware that needed a firmware patch but it never came.
    e.g. 2007 Samsung 32” LCD TV (sound glitch)

    Grade F
    Fail, never seen a firmware update or never should have seen the light of day.

    Grade D was tough and a very specific problem with companies that are mostly hardware based. They willfully abandon almost identical excellent hardware devices in favor of selling the latest thing but make zero effort to update last years device. This practice does not inspire brand loyalty as you’re pretty sure this years device won’t be updated period.

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