Reach out and crush someone: AT&T Shenanigans


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In the past I’ve been consistently amazed by the gall, perfidy and greed of AT&T. However, I always thought that this company, being a U.S. based multinational, would play by the rules of both the law and common decency. I admit I was wrong. Somehow, AT&T has lost its way.

On January 14, at 7:06 PM I received an email from AT&T indicating that unless I responded they were going to cease mailing me my monthly bill, Indicating that they would send a list of charges via email. I won’t go into the reasons why I like receiving my monthly charges from AT&T via snail mail. I receive other charges via email, but, I just like receiving my AT&T bill the usual way.

The email that I received from AT&T indicated that I must respond by January 14, 2020, in order to continue receiving my monthly charges via US mail. Normally, I do not work on my computer at night and could easily have missed this message. Now, please note that the deadline they gave was January 14, 2020 and they sent the notice at 7:06 PM. I could very easily have missed this email, frankly it was luck that I didn’t. My objection is simple, this is a sleazy corporate tactic which exemplifies all my fear about corporations who do not fear legal sanctions or their customer’s wrath. The tactic they used is beyond sleazy and is something that I thought I would never see. Clearly, they have no fear that they will be held to account for this odious behavior. I could simply change to a new carrier, but I have one of the grandfathered plans and do not wish to lose it. The savings is substantial and I like saving money. As an aside, I’ve been hassled by AT&T constantly, attempting to wrest my coveted “Grandfathered data” plan from me. The latest attempt to change how I am billed is simply another example of the depths this corporation will go to in order to maximize their profits. Frankly, I have no problems with maximizing profits and I give as an example Apple. I love Apple, I love the way that they are making loads of money. However, Apple give us great service and great products. I can’t say the same about AT&T. In fact, I think AT&T’s slogan should be “ we do what we want”.

I would complain to the FCC regarding AT&T’s latest bit of nonsense. However, I’m aware that the FCC will never respond to my complaints and would not respond to any misbehavior by AT&T. I would call AT&T directly and complain. However, in the past when others have called to complain, AT&T has threatened restraining orders. I just wanted people to know about this corporations behavior and I’m hoping that eventually they will be held to account.