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    Threads on the subject of politics, religion, and social issues can produce strong disagreements among forum members. We provide users with the privilege of expressing almost any opinion in the forums (exceptions include hate speech). However, opinions must be expressed in an appropriate manner.

    Posts in this forum are subject to:
    If you have not yet read these rules, do so before posting.

    Everyone can read the posts in the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum. You must have made at least 100 forum posts elsewhere, and have been a forum member for at least a month, before you can post or start threads in this forum.

    Reasons for the rules

    Our goals are to encourage fair and constructive discussions that deal with facts and opinions without flaming, name-calling, or personal insults. That's why you may dispute what other users post but not attack them personally for their opinions or statements.

    The Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum is provided for forum members who have interests in Apple and also in social issues. The 100-post, 1-month minimum helps keep out users who have no other business being at MacRumors and simply want to stir up other users. It also keeps out well-meaning members who are simply new to MacRumors; we accept this tradeoff and welcome these members once they qualify. If you have enabled the "Receive an alert when you receive a new trophy" setting in your Alert Preferences then the forum system will send you an alert when you are first eligible for the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum.

    Please keep in mind that access to the PRSI forum is a privilege that can be revoked, as per the moderation policy for PRSI, linked to above.


    The moderators never take sides in discussions of social issues when enforcing the rules. They would rather not interfere with debates or discussions at all. If you and others follow the rules, they won't have to. If you think another user's post is not within the rules, report it, ignore it, and/or respond without breaking the rules. Let the moderators deal with the user in question while you preserve your forum privileges.

    Why are some discussions of news stories placed in or moved to the PRSI section?

    When the discussions in the thread for a news article are likely to have a heavily political or religious nature, the thread may be placed in the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum by the MacRumors editors, in order to prevent trolling and other problems that tend to occur when newly registered forum members are permitted to join political and religious discussions. Such discussions are likely to involve strong feelings and sharply differing opinions. The determination for a given news thread is based on our experience with similar news topics.


    If you have questions about any forum rule, you are welcome to use the Contact Form to ask us about it privately or to post in a Site and Forum Feedback thread to ask general questions about rules and policies. For questions or comments specific to the Rules for Appropriate Debate, you can post in the announcement thread. Use the Contact Form if you want to talk to us about a specific instance of moderation or other disciplinary issues.
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