Reagan Jnr blasts Bush

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by diamond geezer, Sep 27, 2004.

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    Jan 26, 2004

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    reagan is definitely not a fan of bush, but i am not going to pretend for a second that he is a democrat, either...i don't think too much attention can be paid to the son of a president if he's not thinking about political office himself...he seems bent on a one issue agenda, and even though i agree with reagan on that one issue, i cannot condone anybody so bent on just one issue on the left or right...many on the left are so skewed with the education lobby and the same on the right are so skewed with the gun lobby and the christian right lobby...the power is in the middle with moderates of both parties who balance many issues

    but at the same time, i am not going to try and believe that counterfeit christians, mostly on the christian right because it's trendy and in some cases, lucrative, dictate or define my faith

    my faith is defined by jesus christ, but that's something the christian right, or most of them, does not know about...individuals from every denomination may or may not have a true faith and i am stuggling with an employee of mine who has some very narrow minded beliefs, which he spreads door to door every week to infect people with "dogma" (and to empty their wallets) vs real faith which can free a person's soul...but, he he, that's a topic for another thread, or another website ;)
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    I don't know if this is relevant or not. I had the chance to meet Ron Jr this year and was very impressed by him. I didn't know much about him before meeting him and his wife, but after talking to them for a while it was obvious that he was a very sincere person who doesn't shy away from doing or saying the right thing even when it may not be well received by some people.
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    I believe there are a lot more people on the Christian right, including me, whose faith is defined by Jesus Christ than there are on the liberal left. Any candidate who claims to be a Christian and is OK with gay marriage or "unions" and is OK with abortion is simply trying to gain votes. A president with Christian values (not just on the issues I mentioned above) will make our country a better place. I have no doubts about that.
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    Jul 9, 2000
    first, what do you define as christian? john 3:16 summarizes it very well...many of the american churches that have been defined by christ's teachings and salvation were in the south, a region the liberal democrats could solidly rely on before the age of reagan and the bushes

    now there has been a shift in demographics and i don't think it's a spiritual thing, but a clever ploy for the gop to capture votes from christians...christians have been duped into believing the gop=christianity and that it's an exclusive's a great way to water down one's faith and assure that the children of christians will grow up worshipping a political agenda and not the lord

    a true christian will profess their faith in christ first, and not attach gop beliefs with equal value to the holy scripture...billy graham is a democrat, tony campolo is a democrat, and jimmy carter (the only serious bible believing president in recent memory) is a's only in recent history that the gop has attached itself to christianity and it is scary how the two ideas of christianity and the republicans have melded into a new psuedo religion...the democrats never claimed to be christianity, even when the south was solidly democratic for over 100 years

    one of the topics that i learned in bible college was about the last days and armageddon...many scholars believe that there is going to be a major political movement to deceive the followers of the church and to set up the political stage for the anti-christ

    next time you see a member of the christian right, ask yourself who is their lord, jesus christ or george w bush?

    in the end, only god knows a person's heart, but personally, i don't think a religious movement that caters to white people only who happen to be republican and hate homosexuals and intellectuals are my idea of what christ had in mind for a religion...there is a saying, "hate the sin, not the sinner", but today's christian right in america is bent on hating as many people as possible...there was a similar movement in 1930s germany that tried to mix religion and politics...called, believe it or not, the nazi party

    i believe in my faith and mention christ even when it's not safe...i have had machine guns pointed at me in unsafe areas and i spent my time proclaiming christ, not proclaiming hating blacks, homosexuals, liberals, or anybody else

    give a person christ and they will have salvation, not some instant conservative voting record and a penchant for worshipping reagan, bush, dole, and mr W

    ...whew...sermon over

    btw, i am a registered democrat but i don't go around saying democratic party=john 3:16, because if i did, then i didn't get the point of john 3:16 in the first place

    when it's all said and done, we are to worship christ, not one political party or another...even athiests know the difference between a christian and a psuedo christian more interested in winning elections than converting people

    i want kerry to beat bush, but neither are out to proclaim christ, as that is not their job, but to run america with a gop or democratic point of view...religious christians should vote how they please, but realize that among the body of christ, there are democrats, republicans, libertarians, american independents, and members of many political parties

    no party should try and get a monopoly on christianity...christianity is not about political monopolies and power struggles with national/local leaders, but christianity is about a personal relationship with jesus christ

    when i share my faith, i never mention what party i vote is counterproductive

    the two political parties of jesus christ's time, who also had their ties in religion were the saduccees and pharissees...christ did not attach himself to either to preach their dogma and platform

    join the true faith and make it christ and christ only...adding political amendments to your faith is a great way to destroy your faith
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    Jul 9, 2000
    but to get back on topic, he he, ron jr, does not see W as his father, right?

    in many ways, president reagan was better than our current president...but reagan got into the white house on one major issue, which was carter's government spending and how out of control it was

    president reagan, though we now know he was a nice fellow personally, was a much bigger spender than president carter

    i hope W does not continue to spend like crazy in his second term, if he wins, and spend the way president reagan did...what happened to conservatives anyway? i thought their main agenda was to conserve money and not spend all of the piggy bank? instead they spend like crazy and are interested in rewriting christianity

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