Real Benchmarks G5 vs AMD 64

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    An old story with a new spin. Now that the G5 is shipping to most locations it stands to reason that someone/somewhere eg:, or a magazine would pitch the apple G5 against its only true 32/64bit competitor the AMD 64/opteron which are now both available in 2.0GHZ models. Or if apple truly believed that they had “The world’s fastest desktop computer” (S. Jobs, 2003) that they would offer the proprietors of these web sites a test machine, so that they may preform truly independent tests against a variety of chips from AMD, Intel, and maybe even the last of the G4’s from Motorola.

    I personally regard the results posted on these sites as the only true indication of a computers ability to preform in both the synthetic benchmarks and in real world benchmarks (games, video rendering, AV encoding, etc.) I never trust benchmarks posted by the manufacturer because of course they are trying to sell a product and of course their’s is the best.

    “An honest man has nothing to fear, So I am trying very hard not to be afraid.” (Catch me if you can)

    Apple could learn a lot from this quote.

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