"Real" Flash Drive Application for Iphone 5??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fskywalker, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Hi, I am looking for an application for the I5 that would allow me to use the spare capacity I have (mine is 64GB) to store files like a regular flash drive. I have seen so called flash drives application on the Apple Store, but they required you to use Itunes. Is there an application which would allow its use without Itunes?. As with my previous 4S, the computer does see the device and I can search and copy photos from its memory to other places, but there is no way to actually paste items there or have the PC/MAC unit to copy items there neither.


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    Jun 30, 2008
    You can't use the phone as an external drive.
  3. fskywalker thread starter macrumors 65816


    Nov 6, 2009
    I know I currently can't, but am precisely looking for an application to do so, Apple approved or not (Cydia).
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    Small White Car

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    This one does what you want but over Wifi, not USB:


    If you're on the same wifi network the app tells you what network address it's at. On a Mac you punch that into the Finder's VIEW > GO menu and it loads the app as an external drive. I don't know how you do it on Windows, but I'm sure it's possible.

    So it has the downside of needing a wifi network, but if you do it works amazingly.

    (It will work through USB, but only through iTunes, which you said you don't want. I don't know of any apps that get around that.)
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    Nov 6, 2009
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    all the ones on the app store will require you to use itunes to access it..

    if you want a true flash drive. download pwntunes in cydia. Its meant for photo/music sync via my computer/finder but you can use it as a flash drive too
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    Air Sharing works well! One of the first apps I bought on my 2G iPod touch and is still supported, even updated for iPhone 5.

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