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    Jul 1, 2011


    Do you know how to recognize an original Gucci bag?
    A Louis Vuitton purse, D&G?
    Fake Hogan? Copy Tiffany??
    A friend of yours has a Rolex: a real one or a fake one?
    The wine you're drinking is counterfeit?
    Now you'll have no more doubts because REALFAKE is a guide for recognizing an object
    whether it is fake or real.
    -Identifying fake coins, medicines, food, wine etc. etc.
    -Aid for the ones who buy various products: watches, shoes, bags etc.
    -Find the descriptions of the details, you will recognize 'Glance' a real one from a fake
    -English translation function
    -'communicate with us' function sending photo, suggestions, commenting or demanding a guide or translation in your pwn language!
    -Fashion blog (in english) function, news and global blog will be added soon
    (if you have a blog write!)
    - Product gallery function: photo gallery
    the guide will be both in italian and english.
    The guide covers the brands: Gucci , Prada , Louis Vuitton , Moncler , Dolce & Gabbana , Ralph Lauren , Loubotin , Lacoste , Nike , Rolex ,Hogan ,Tods and more others.
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    Mar 28, 2009
    Real fake. Infinitely more useful to apply this to discover apps/developers.

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