Reality might tarnish iPhone's shine

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 16, 2007.

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    With at least one piece like this -- either positive or negative -- a day for the next six months, this is going to be a long wait. Everyone and their mother has an opinion on the iPhone, and have expressed it before, during and now endlessly after the product announcement. Great. Apple's secrecy has its benefits sometimes...

    As for the article itself, I'm not sure I understand this comment:

    Am I reading that correctly to say that McAteer is saying Steve Jobs was responsible for the Newton? He wasn't even at the company when the Newton was released. Or is the "black blotch" the fact that he killed the Newton?
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    He is making a misinformed association between SJ and the Newton. We up to our eyeballs with pseudo-experts/analysts. Apple is now a hot commodity. Every expert must be an Apple expert. Stand-by for a great deal of expert anal-discharge.
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    indeed, this has some parallels to the newton, but half the people on these boards are more of a computer expert, let alone apple expert, then guys like this. and yes, we are all coming out of the reality distortion zone that steve seems to be a walking beacon of.
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    Another dumb a$$ xspurt...

    "And the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen may or may not work better than the tiny hardware keyboards on other smartphones, said Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg. Plus, it's not clear how easy it will be to use the iPhone with one hand, he said. The large expanse of glass also raises concerns about breakage if the slick-looking phone slips out of your hands."

    The comment that the "keyboard" may or may NOT work better than the traditional phone keypads is so incredibly vacuous, it is almost too diesel brained to contemplate-- actually it IS!!! This is an analyst, who has managers in investment companies scanning for this sort of info to give advice to their investors and these guys see the negative (might NOT) spin and go "OMG" it doesn't work as well as Steve said--- and conclude that the thing is a dog. It is the usual suspects too, whose commonly negative spin about Apple, who were quoted-- and they talk about SJ's RDF--- indeed! I assume fine wine glasses should be on the list of slippery objects that one should be careful about purchasing too.

    This has been an interesting week!
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    You beat me to it. Steve's only connection to the Newton was killing it, and I don't recall any analysts at the time bemoaning that decision. Some of these guys are playing word association games. Their only goal is to get from "Apple" to "failed product" so they make the connection with "Newton." He could have gone with "Cube" and at least been a bit closer to right.

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