Really don't want to jailbreak, but I'm willing to give it another try

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by superjonnydude, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Jul 20, 2011
    Last time I tried to jailbreak my phone, was hacked, and it bricked my phone. Ever since then, I have been nervous just from the thought of jailbreaking. I wouldn't want to go crazy with tweaks. The only thing I want from jailbreaking is unlimited icons in a folder. Do you think it is worth jailbreaking for this? Do you think that this is something that will be added in a future iOS? Like I said earlier, I don't love the idea of jailbreaking, but I really want unlimited icons in folders.
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    If apple hasn't done it by now they will not in the future either.

    Try it, redsn0w is very good and stable
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    iPhones don't brick! unless somebody forces a uncompilable baseband on it.. I have been jailbreaking for almost 4 years never had a major problem that couldn't be solved. and most people in this section like jailbreaking we have a few troublemakers though that will probably speak up. read the stickies at the top then decide you can always restore back to stock.
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    Care to explain more?
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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Use the correct version of redsn0w to jb.

    Im finding its stable.

    People jb or don't jb for their own reasons which is fine.

    I decided to recently jailbreak to realise the full potential of my iPhone 4.
    Personally I won't be downloading 'cool stuff' just to see how it works or writing/extracting stuff either.

    So far I've downloaded winterboard, barrel and spire.

    Spire to install siri which i now have fully functional.

    Im awaiting the next new idevice but as an iPhone 4 owner i was not taken with what the 4s could offer me personally. Although i wanted to road test siri for myself.

    I prefer to buy my iPhones contract free so,

    I could either buy the 4s for £499 sterling or 2nd hand from high street shops but at the moment even the 2nd hand ones are not far off the price of a new one. And then sell my iPhone 4 for around £200.00, although my daughter has set her eyes upon it !

    Im not taken with buying from auction sites.

    Next alternative for me was jb my iPhone, install spire and pay £12.72 for a years subscription for access to 7 siri proxy servers.

    In the end its down to you and what your needs are and in the end as you know you can always restore it back to factory conditions.

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