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Discussion in 'macOS' started by nuckinfutz, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Ok It's time to look and some new developments in Tiger and recap why this is the "must have" OS of 2005.

    Quicktime 6.6 additional info -

    Audio- Revamped and hirez support(likely 24bit/96k or 24/192). Revamped Multichannel audio support and a new API that will ease the development of QT enabled applications.

    Video- B-Frame support! B-Frames allow the compressor to "look ahead" and see what's coming to increase efficiency. A good thing that has been missing. Independant Decode and Display. I can't give any examples about how this would be used but I've been told decoupling the two will give flexibility to developers.

    Summary- Quicktime is going to improve drastically. This is only being called Quicktime 6.6 so even more features may come to light before Quicktime receives the "7" monniker. Spotlight support is being added as well.

    Networking improvements enroute -

    Rendezvous- Now works across subnets!!! Just about every business network is broken into subnets. The original Rendezvous couldn't cross them severely limiting its scope. Now that this isn't a limitation expect Rendezvous to really take off. Now the networking fun truly begins!

    More Stuff- Audio, Graphics and Core systems -

    OpenGL- 2.0 was just announced at Siggraph 2004. It is likely that Apple will have a partial or fully working OpenGL 2.0 implementation come Tigers shipment. This is great news for future applications and the OS itself.

    OpenAL- Positional Audio library for games that should improve the performance of games. It's open source so the support should be good in games.

    pdf kit- The ability to work with pdf will improve. Annotations and light editing can be done in any app that uses this API.

    SQLite- A small and very fast SQL DB built right into the heart of OSX. Very cool developers just need extend it a bit in ways to come up with cool new ways of handling data.

    New Installer -

    Installer 2.0
    - Ever had a app overwrite a more current version of a component ? Ever wanted to the developer to add more options during install. This and more coming in Tiger.

    Tiger is definitely going to be a nice OS. These above features and stuff like Automator, iChat AV, .Mac sync, Dashboard and others are really going to improve your computing experience.

    The hits keep coming. Stay tuned for more info as the OS evolves.
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    Jan 6, 2004
    i really wish i knew more people with macs around me and that one was a developer so i could see tiger in action, but i am content to wait it out

    Tiger is definitely shaping up to be an awesome OS and i cant wait for it even though i wont be able to use the Core Image/Video stuff
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    These are the start of a much needed suite of OS functions that will hopefully allow programmers the easy ability to program apps for OS X. Apple has gone out of their way to make open source modules, use well documented standards and just about everything else to make it eaasy to code. They even developed X Code, which while not the fastest is an excellent development system, and its free.

    Of course, this will boil down to the end user. Will any compilation of new Tiger features inspire those to spend 129 to purchase?

    Hopefully the bevy of new features will inspire the majority to upgrade. All in all, it sounds like we will have some better GUI experiences and many under-the-hood improvements.

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