Recent Verizon phone buyers get $200 toward iPhone 4 upgrade

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Stealthipad, Jan 18, 2011.

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    You should probably read the article. As always with Verizon, there is a "catch". You get $200 dollars - yes. However, you pay full retail priced for the phone, you turn in your old phone and the $200 is a visa card you have to mail away for. You don't get to use it immediately. Not as good as it sounds.
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    What is not clear in the article is if you are given the purchase price of your phone back as well. If so, that would make much more economic sense to go this route than to sell a phone you just bought yourself.
    Example: iPhone is $649 - $200 (cost of your Android device) - $200 (credit) + $35 (restocking fee) = $285 for your iPhone.
    If not, this is just a freaking rip-off.

    Up until last Saturday, Verizon extended their return policy if you bought from 11/26/10 so you could give back your phone, use your original phone, and then use your upgrade credit on the iPhone so it would be $199/$299. It wasn't well-advertised though and I found it on the fine print on their return page of VZ's website. I returned my Samsung Continuum I bought on Black Friday which I hated to begin with. And I got to try out Android for 2 months which I now know I dont care for.
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    I am a long time AT&T user and have no intentions in changing to Verizon but thought that Verizon users might be interested.:cool:

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