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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doctor Q, Aug 7, 2003.

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    During the months from March thru June, CNET rated Mac web browsers and scored them as follows:

    Tie for highest score:
    7.8 - Safari (version not identified)
    7.8 - Camino 0.7

    Tie for third-highest score:
    6.8 - Internet Explorer 5.2.3
    6.8 - OmniWeb (version not identified)

    Lowest score:
    6.5 - Opera (version not identified)

    CNETs comments:

    Safari: If you're only after speed, try Safari but keep your other browser, too. Try Camino if you crave advanced settings. Good: Fast; includes a pop-up blocker; simple interface; integrated Google toolbar; easy bookmark management; features tabbed browsing and autofill. Bad: Lacks advanced security or customization settings; no way to customize default toolbar search engine.

    Camino: Although technically a prerelease, Camino is a compelling alternative to Safari, and it's faster and more feature-filled than IE. Good: Fast and responsive; good cookie-handling features; best implementation of tabbed browsing; can block pop-ups; autofills usernames and passwords. Bad: No autofill of address forms; still in beta; not much documentation.

    Internet Explorer: Other Mac browsers offer more features and better performance, but keep IE around to access troublesome sites. Good: Good handling of JavaScripts; good handling of histories. Bad: No tabs or pop-up blocking; slow; confusing preferences.

    OmniWeb: OmniWeb offers some unique and useful features, but its poor performance is frustrating. Good: Beautiful rendering; autoupdates bookmarks; searchable history; built-in HTML editor; pop-up blocking; form autofill; elegant interface. Bad: No tabbed browsing; very slow; more JavaScript errors than other browsers.

    Opera: Opera is a bit faster than Internet Explorer, and it offers solid features, but it's slower than both Safari and Camino. Good: Tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking; very configurable; good security. Bad: Banner advertising in the free version; rendering not always accurate; JavaScript errors; interface quirks.

    My question: How have the latest versions of these browsers changed these pros and cons?

    This is not a request for everyone to tell which browser they use and why. We've already done that plenty of times. Instead, I am asking what major changes in recent releases might have changed the tradeoffs among the contenders.
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    The 1.0 version of Safari loses a point due to the infamous caching bug. I haven't used any other the other browsers so can't comment on them.

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