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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Anyone have AT&T/Cingular and possibly an iPhone who can attest the to the signal strength/reception in the Winter Park, Frasier, and Grand Lake areas of Colorado?

    Even if you don't have an iPhone yet, any info would be great. Not for living there, but for those who visit, i.e. mountain in summer/winter and lake in the summer.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    I went skiing in Winter Park last December and had no issues with my old Nokia on AT&T's GSM network. (At the base, at least. We used FRS radios while on the mountain.) Since the iPhone works on the same network, I assum it's fine as well.
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    I live in the Denver area and ski Winter Park (and MTB in the summer) almost every couple of weeks and the service is pretty decent for a mountain town. Mary Jane coverage is spotty and you'll get next to nothing in the Cirque unless you're actually on the ridge, but Vasquez Ridge and Winter Park mountain proper (e.g. Cranmer/Hughes area) you'll get pretty good coverage.

    In town coverage is acceptable. It's a mountain town and ATT/Cingular's mountain coverage isn't great (Aspen & Vail are well covered, though). Then again, no one is great in the mtns, really. Different cities are covered well by different providers in the mtns.

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    Don't think your problem is with the iphone--it's areas of no service with AT&T. My daughter and I both have AT&T and she has an iphone and I have a Nokia. When her iphone has no reception in some areas of Winter Park, I have no receiption with my Nokia---and vice versa.

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