recieved powerbook today....15" not 17"

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by joepunk, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. joepunk macrumors 68030


    Aug 5, 2004
    a profane existence
    I received my powerbook today and I found it to be a 15” and not a 17” as I had ordered. I ordered it over the phone and if my hearing is correct the lady I talked to repeated what I had told her, 17” powerbook with 128 VRAM and 80gig 5400 hard drive. It could be that my mind automatically (without thinking) assumed/heard her say 17”. I have not received a invoice from apple through snailmail yet. So, I called apple and found out that on their computers it says 15”.

    So I have a few choices since I cannot return it, 1) sell it now and purchase a 17” 2) purchase a 17” now and sell the 15” a little later after I send out my rebates. or 3) enjoy it as it is for my graphic design/animation degree and miss the extra screen real estate.

    I am thinking that I might as well enjoy it and be happy since I am getting over the initial shock and looking at it there unused is tempting.

    I also ordered a HP 5150 ($89) and received a HP 5740 ($99) instead. The order paper with the printer says “Product TA521LL/A replaced T432LL/”. I think I got an upgrade of some sorts since apple no longer sells the 5150 on their website.

    By now I am felling pretty happy just having a new computer that can handle graphics and I can take around school and fits into a bag made for 17" that I got for next to nothing.

    That is my story
  2. emw macrumors G4


    Aug 2, 2004
    You sound remarkably unperturbed by this - congratulations :D

    I am surprised that you received no other order confirmation (via mail, e-mail, fax) other than the lady reading something back to you, but they apparently have the paperwork to show the 15" vs. the 17".

    As long as the only difference is the screen, take the 15" and the $300 or so you saved and buy some nifty extras.
  3. jdogg707 macrumors regular

    Apr 18, 2004
    If you paid for a 17" you should get a 17", plain and simple. Call Apple and see what they can do for you.
  4. MrSugar macrumors 6502a


    Jul 28, 2003
    Agreed, but if not and you get a 15" and saved some money I would stick with that. The 15 is a wonderful machine, I have two friends that own them and sometimes wish I didn't have the 17". Although I love it, it can be a rather big machine....

    Your choice, but I would make sure you get what you paid for, :)
  5. Eevee macrumors 6502a


    Aug 10, 2004
    New Haven, CT
    Believe you will enjoy your 15" PB

    Sorry to hear that Apple made a mistake with your order. I ordered my 15" (2 gig RAM) via web, which might be a bit safer since I was able to check my order before submitting it. Afterwards, I received two emails confirming the order. During this time, I was able to check the status of my order. I noticed that my order was "open," which meant that I could cancel it at that moment. But once the web showed "shipped," then I couldn't cancel it anymore.

    But believe you will enjoy the 15". Got mine two weeks ago for work (graphics) and just love it. It's so light! Am planning to buy an external hard drive (160 g) I saved for not buying the 17".
  6. aswitcher macrumors 603


    Oct 8, 2003
    Canberra OZ
    Go online and check your credit card to see what you paid to verify that you paid for a 15 not 17...
  7. joepunk thread starter macrumors 68030


    Aug 5, 2004
    a profane existence
    Well, I have been trying to post a reply to all you wonderfull people but netscape (my browser of choice on my iMac) crashed twice and my computer froze. I am now temperarelly using explorer. :(

    And magically I recieved the apple invoice receipts in the mail today and I had paid the educational price on a PBG4 15/1.5/512(256x2)/80G(5400)/AP/BT/128vram. So, in short I got what I paid for. Now all I have to do is turn on the computer. :D

    Oh, and if someone wonders why I did not check online I wrote down the that web number wrong.

    But the cool thing is that the invoice for the HP 5740 printer says $89.00 and not the $99 on the apple website. I save 10 bucks, WOW!

    And for some reason I am missing my mouse pad. I think my 4yr old niece moved it.
  8. musicpyrite macrumors 68000


    Jan 6, 2004
    Cape Cod
    wow, everybody I know would explode over this situation. I am impressed that you do not seem mad at all. :) :eek:

    Anyways, about the PB, I'd call Apple up and raise hell with them. You ordered a 17" PowerBook and you'll get a 17" PowerBook.

    Even if they don't let you send back your PB, Apple has been known to send you free stuff for inconveniences like these.

    Try it, if don't get anything, oh well, but if you do, that great.

    And by free stuff, I mean free RAM 512MB, free Creature Speakers, Discounts, ect. some really nice stuff. :cool:
  9. KingSleaze macrumors 6502

    Feb 24, 2004
    So. Cal
    The whole thing here is not that you got what you paid for, but rather did you get what you ordered? You may have 'thought' you ordered the 17 inch, but Apple's records show that you ordered a 15 inch. They charged your card for what their records show you ordered. If you have any records that you ordered the 17, use them, and raise a complaint. Otherwise, be happy.
  10. joepunk thread starter macrumors 68030


    Aug 5, 2004
    a profane existence
    hard part

    Correct. I said 17" 1.5GHz she must have heard 15" 1.5GHz. And so, I have no records that indicate a 17" and I was underchared by $10. Otherwise, I am happy and if I was overchared by some small amout I would make the biggist ruckess around.

    I noticed that it costs $90 for 128 vram for 15" where as for the 17" it is $45 (educational). Huh?

    Anyway, how could some one complain about an extra 10 dollars that I will be getting in rebates.

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