Recipes - substituting “this” if there’s no “that”

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    I like to cook, and I do get annoyed when I’m halfway into a recipe that calls for things I almost always have on hand and suddenly discover I’m actually short of something.

    The other day I was nearly stumped while already into making some hummus. I didn’t have any tahini! I had just wanted to use up some leftover chickpeas cooked a couple days earlier, and assumed I had everything needed since it’s not a complex project.

    Well I’m miles from a store, so I ended up using peanut butter instead of the tahini, with a little extra olive oil and lemon juice to sort of de-emphasize the peanut butter, and then blithely tossed in some red pepper flake to sort of discount the idea I’d aimed at hummus to begin with.

    It was okay, and I have actually used peanut butter instead of tahini in making cold sesame noodles once in awhile, but tahini is at the top of my shopping list right now.

    What do you substitute for your “this” when you suddenly realize you’re out of “that”?
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    In baking, powdered ginger will cover a multitude of sins.

    Forgot chocolate chips:
    "Yeah, I thought ginger pecan cookies would be more interesting than conventional chocolate chip."

    No baking powder:
    "It started out a yellow cake, but it made a mid-life career change to ginger shortbread."

    I ate the last baking chocolate last week:
    "Trust me, the ginger icing is great on the cocoa bars."

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