Recording audio of live streams from sound card with 2011 Macbook Pro (Stereo Mix?)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by superkrups20056, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Hi, I just bought the new 2011 Macbook Pro and I was trying to stream my screen and audio ON BOOT CAMP via using Abobe Flash Media Live Encoder. However, the only two options under the audio device are Microphone and Digital Audio (S/PDIF). I have heard about the headphone jack workaround trick, but I was wondering if there was a solution where I could record directly from the sound card (Stereo Mix). Thanks.

    Sound card: Cirrus Logic CS4206A
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    Audio Hijack on Mac for audio.

    Not sure why you are trying to do it through bootcamp.

    There are apps that capture both video and audio on the OS X side.
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    Mar 14, 2011

    I'm trying to stream Starcraft II, a game that runs smoother with Windows Boot Camp than it does with Mac. I've been playing it on the windows side for a while. can't turn off mouse acceleration on the Mac side. I have audio hijack pro for my Mac side. Anything similar to it for Windows?
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    I'm going to bump this as well...

    I'm trying to stream Starcraft II as well on my MBP 13 in 2010 (also Super Meat Boy).

    Flash media encoder only picks up my mic and not the actual sound card. Very annoying. What is this headphone jack trick?


    After doing about 2 hours of research, it seems that Apple has disabled this feature do to problems with the sound industry or some bullcrap. I think it has something to do with licensing. There is no known fix for this AT ALL. The only way would be to mod the actual driver... something that most people can't do. The headphone to mic jack trick works, however, new MBP have no mic in jack... which means you have to buy an alternate 1/8 in jack to USB converter thing that Apple makes... All a big marketing scheme I'm guessing. Why would you disable the most basic sound options Apple. Ridiculous!
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    Fixed Stereo Mix issue without using audio cables in Macbook Pro!

    I've figured it out how to do it without the Audio cable. However, it requires a TON of CPU usage. My quad core i7 can barely handle it at 66% CPU usage. I used Virtual Audio Cable and set my settings below. I told Adobe Flash Media Encoder to use VAC 1 for its sound. Also, the headphones option can't be found in the audio repeater unless you have headphones plugged in. Make sure you set your Defult Primary Playback device as VAC 2. This way, I can talk thru the microphone while streaming without hearing myself through the headphones. Make sure you set all the video buffers for every audio repeater to 100 to reduce audio lag thru the headphones.

    Key: VAC = virtual audio cable

    Audio Repeater Window 1:
    Wave in: VAC 2
    Wave out: VAC 1
    Buffer = 100

    Audio Repeater Window 2:
    Wave in: Microphone
    Wave out: VAC 1
    Buffer = 100

    Audio Repeater Window 3:
    Wave in: VAC 2
    Wave out: Headphones
    Buffer = 100

    So pretty much it looks like this:

    Primary Playback device (set by right clicking volume control in system tray) is VAC 2. Your system is set to play sound thru your primary playback device. VAC 2 --> Headphones, so you will hear system sounds.

    Microphone --> VAC 1, so you cannot hear your voice thru the headphones, because VAC 2 is feeding into them (mentioned above)

    VAC 2 --> VAC 1, so you can specify VAC 1 to be the audio in Adobe Flash media Encoder, so your viewers can hear sounds coming from your computer and your microphone.

    The end!

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