recovering photos from PC after my iphone 4 was stolen

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    Mar 29, 2011
    My iPhone 4 was stolen in the UK and I reported this to my operator I use, O2/Telefonica. Since then, all of the photos I had uploaded to Facebook from the phone have gone, and I can't find anywhere on my PC to locate saved copies of the photos I took with my iPhone

    I regularly synched the iPhone to iTunes, and when I click the 'Device' window under 'Preferences' I can see a backup for my phone - but I don't know how to do anything with it

    I was hoping that I would get a new iPhone from my insurer, and the old photos would save back onto my phone once I plugged the new iPhone into my PC. insurer did not pay to replace the phone due to a technicality, and I can't afford a new replacement iphone myself

    Can anyone help pls? So many family photos are now gone....
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    Try iPhone Backup Extractor. Google it on Macrumors to see how to use it. I have a few posts about it, as well.

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