Red Card Rampage: fun revenge on World Cup referees’ unfair decisions

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    Sep 2, 2010
    Are you a football fan?
    Do the referee’s decisions sometimes make you mad? Here’s your chance to take revenge! Unfair red cards shouldn’t go unpunished! Go on the Red Card Rampage and give the referees what they deserve!

    Go ahead and vent your frustration with ref decisions! Aim at the ref, kick the ball and, well, make him VERY angry. You might get a red card, but you won’t be sent off.






    A flawless physics engine and the ability to specify the exact trajectory of the ball guarantees precision of your shots.

    Sounds too easy for you? Don’t jump to conclusions! With each level it will be harder and harder to hit the referees. There are more obstacles, more cunningly placed referees, and more silly things to do. Just like the real thing you’ll have to rely on teamwork to defeat the referees!

    Be quick! You’ll have to complete your mission in the limited time.

    - 8 football teams to choose from
    - 36 levels with various degree of complexity
    - Hours of addictive game play
    - Lots of replay value

    So if your team didn’t do very well in the World Cup, you can take your revenge here now!
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    Sep 8, 2010

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